Mountain Protection: Mountain Wilderness International


It is a non-government organization that focuses on defending mountain areas by preserving its natural and cultural aspects. It was founded in Europe, with global representatives in action across all continents, with stronger forces in Pyrenean and Alpine regions. The guarantors of the organization play the roles of international advisors and representatives, consisting of a group of mountaineers, intellectuals, world-travelers, writers, who are recognized through their long-term commitment and achievements, sharing the values of mountain wilderness.

The term “mountain wilderness” is defined as any mountain that is untouched where anyone who want to Know more and come experience solitude, rhythms, wide-open spaces, silence, natural dimensions, dangers and laws. It gives a deeper meaning to adventure and it stimulates an intense and creative relationship between humans and the natural environment. This organization is present in twenty countries, and is continue to grow and encourage mountain lovers who are independent of political and financial pressures to help protect and preserve the natural environment.

The organization has been established in 1987 by a group of statesmen, financiers and mountaineers whose mission is to protect and preserve the mountains and its natural environment. They bring awareness and develop various movements for the sake of mother nature, specifically the earth’s mountains, and these include training for mountaineering, environmental awareness and education, improvement of mountain air space regulation and management such a site seeing flights and heliskiing, mountain environmentalist coaching and development and high altitude routes and camps cleaning expeditions.

The organization you can Click here denounces activities that deny the mountains on its own territory. Mountain preservation means leaving it alone with its natural flow of life and creatures, untouched and not for commercial or revenue-generating purposes. Our future generations deserve to experience the miracle of untarnished wonders and beauty of nature. We don’t need to make everything modernized as modernization may cause detrimental effects not only for our own physical bodies, health and safety, but it also greatly affects mother nature. Let us preserve what needs to be preserved. We live in only one world and one earth, so it is our responsibility to preserve our mountains whatever it takes. Let us protect our mountains and protect mother nature, so we and our children will be protected and sheltered. It is high time to increase our awareness and understanding on the true value of mountain wilderness. Let us do our part today, so our future will be a better one for all of us.


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